Oct.31st- tonight the interview with Prof. Carol Silverman given especially to the Balkan Jamboree and KFAI

Carol Silverman

Dr. Silverman is a professor at the University of Oregon. She is a cultural anthropologist and folklorist who has been involved with Balkan music and culture for over 30 years as a researcher, teacher, activist, and performer. Focusing on Bulgaria and Macedonia as well as on Balkan Romani immigrants to North America and western Europe, she has investigated the relationship among politics, ethnicity, ritual, music, and gender. She also explores the phenomenon of “Gypsy” music in relation to issues of appropriation, representation, and the negotiation of identities in the world music market

Please, tune tonight October 31 and listen the interview Dr. Silverman gave especially to the Balkan show and KFAI Fresh Air Community Radio, on October 21st, Saturday after Dance the Balkan Way festival at Concordia University.