What else do you listen to besides CFTP?

This is the second of a series of poll questions asked by Ron to his listeners. If you'd like to be added to or removed from the CFTP mailing list, send Ron email to ron@crapfromthepast.com.

What else do you listen to besides CFTP? (Asked March 22, 2010)

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I listen to the following KFAI shows:
CFTP (the entire show until we get sleepy, almost every week)
Mostly Jazz
Sabado Allegres
Good N' Country
Sangam (the entire show, almost every week)
That Sunday Morning World Music Show on KFAI
Jet Set Planet (now and then, in the archives)
That Sunday Spanish Language Show on KFAI with the really cool sounding guy
Corazon Latino
Dig Out the Roots (every now and then, now never)

Other stations:
Tavis Smiley on KMOJ
Morning Show on KMOJ
A little Radio K while driving around
A little MPR while driving around
Talk of the Nation, esp Political Junkie on Wed.
The Current cause my wife likes it
Twins baseball play-by-play
LA Dodgers play-by-play on iPhone app
PRI Takeaway on iPhone app
Various podcasts
- - -
When in the car - to and from work and errands on the weekends - I listen to Sirius Radio, mostly the Underground Garage channel. I listen to Morning Edition at work from 9-10. I listen to Crap From the Past Mondays on the internet at work. I listen to luxuriamusic.com most of the day at work, but tune in to All Things Considered at 4:00. At night I listen to my ipod while laying in bed for 15 mins to a half hour or so.
Fairfield, CT
- - -
Other than CFTP, I predominantly listen to podcasts (most from NPR and BBC Radio 4) in the car to and from and at work. Otherwise I listen to music from my MP3 player. On KFAI, I'd like to listen to Louisiana Rhythms more, but the timing (and my location) for this stinks most of the time.
Lakeville, MN
- - -
Listening habits in Pittsburgh, PA:

The Bob and Tom Show (mornings)
My local Bob FM station (sorry, Ron)
Other local variety (mix) or classic rock FM stations
Sports talk radio
Sirius satellite channels 08 (80's) and 22 (classic alternative) and 23 (80's hair bands) received via my DISH network subscription (home stereo only)
Variety of CD's and cassette tapes while in the car
Occasional music video views via the internet (YouTube, etc.)
- - -
To be honest, I don't really listen to KFAI other than Crap From The Past (which I listen to online weekly).
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Right now I'm hooked on the classic AT40s (especially 76-84) simply because you hear a lot of songs that they don't play on tired/stale oldies radio. They give a much truer picture of what radio was really like during that era. I wish Premiere would expand their offerings to include old American Country Countdown shows.

When I listen to terrestrial radio, my favorite programs are Moneytalk w/Bob Brinker and Car Talk (NPR).

I don't listen to new music much anymore, mainly because of the very narrow/restricted playlists. (Gone are the days when you could turn on one station and in an hour hear Kenny Rogers, Bee Gees, Kiss, Stevie Wonder, Van Halen, Anne Murray, Barry Manilow, Michael Jackson, Carpenters, Hall & Oates, Elton John, & Journey)

When I do hear a new song I like, usually won't wait to hear it on radio again; instead I'll download it directly onto the Mp3 player.

Albuquerque, NM
- - -
About two months ago, I got a new car that has XM satellite radio. Since I live in an area with crappy radio stations, this has been a godsend – and I have listened to very few CD’s in the car since then.

Just having a classic heavy metal station (don’t judge me) and a disco and classic funk station is worth its weight in gold.

Pre–XM, I listened to NPR and checked out a lot of CD’s from the public library (I have a 45 minute commute one-way).

- - -
KCRW online music stream
WNYC's Radio Lab
WBEZ's This American Life
NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
American Public Media's American Routes out of New Orleans

Podcasts from the following blogs/websites:
Classic Television Showbiz by Kliph Nesteroff
Funky 16 Corners
Iron Leg
Fufu Stew

I should listen to more Jet Set Planet (KFAI), Some Assembly Required (Radio K) and Bop Street (KFAI).

Minneapolis, MN
- - -
Besides CFTP, I regularly listen to Cosmic Slop podcasts, Breakfast With The Beatles & Tom Petty's Buried Treasure on Sirius/XM, cds in the car, mp3s on the computer, and I've started listening to my vinyl records again.

Fleetwood, PA
- - -
As far as stuff I listen to, I don't do the radio so much anymore since I was laid off in July - CftP is pretty much my only radio show these days. Before that, I listened religiously to The Bob Rivers Show on KZOK, one of the better drive-to-work radio shows in the morning here in Seattle.

I'll usually put on the bits of Radio Rumpus Room and This Little Girl's Gone Rockin' that you included in the weekly CftP zip files.

Beyond that I've got my IPod that I listen to when I'm working out, ripped right from my CD collection (none of this buying MP3s for me thank you very much. I like the cover art too much to give that up).

And occasionally, I'll still put an actual record on. Big, round, black with all the pops and skips that go with it.
- - -
I don't listen to the radio that much. I actually like to watch game shows, sports, & other shows on TV. However, other than Crap From The Past, the other stuff I like to listen to on the radio are the '70s & '80s shows of Casey Kasem's American Top 40 & Philadelphia Eagles games. I listen to the '70s AT40 shows on WOGL (98.1 FM) in Philadelphia & I listen to the '80s AT40 shows online. In the later months, I listen to Eagles games on WYSP (94.1 FM) in Philadelphia. I actually watch the game on TV & mute the sound so I can hear Merrill Reese & Mike Quick do play-by-play.

Marlton, NJ
- - -
In the KFAI realm, I'm a number one fan of Jet Set Planet. I also listen regularly to Good and Country and Temposphere. Among the evil competitors you enjoy pummeling on CFTP, I often tune in to The Current and most of the weekday evening selections (All Things Considered, The World, Fresh Air) on NPR. No Clear Channel stations for me, thank you!

Minneapolis, MN
- - -
I typically start with the last remaining local (non-syndicated)
morning show on a pop/soft rock station in my area, followed by NPR
during my short commute. During the day I listen to various podcasts and music ripped from my CD collection. Then NPR again during the commute home. Rides with the family are typically accompanied by the local best music from the '70s, '80s and today station.
- - -
I listen to alot of internet radio and also podcasts. The music I listen to at my desk while working, and the podcasts when I am in the car or exercising.

Favorite other internet radio shows are: Overnight Groove (KBCS), Sonic Reducer (KEXP), Quiet Space (ABC Radio National) and Surface Noise (WMNF).

My Podcasts are This American Life, Marketplace, Planet Money, The Moth, Radiolab, and Cosmic Slop (though I fear that may be defunct - I sure hope it isn't).
- - -
Local radio here in Israel isn't great, so I try to avoid it (the most popular music station, Galgalatz, plays about 50% eclectic mix from the 70's onwards and 50% of the time goes to this month's big 5 hits).

So most of my time in the car goes to podcasts, burned to rewritable CDs, split into 20 minute chunks for easy access.

Music podcasts:

CFTP (of course)
Morning becomes Eclectic
Best Radio You've Never Heard
Accident Hash
Music for Midnight

Talk podcasts:

A Way with Words
Selected Shorts
This American Life
The Spiel

- - -
Here are my Top 5

1. Echo Chamber
2. Voice Cried Softly
3. Jet Set Planet
4. Some Assembly Required (Radio K)
5. Freethought Radio

St. Louis Park, MN
- - -
Not very much of Top 40 radio that’s for sure! Only 4 or 5 stations I listen to consistently nowadays- I am getting incredibly stuck in my ways.


You people do an absolutely astounding job. Man do I like Fridays. Across the Board with DJ SLT at around 8 am my time is always a good idea. Fubar Omniverse, too, if I can actually get a stream in work (I have to do other things too you know). I am missing “This Little Girl's Gone Rocking” like you miss an old friend. Wow, what a show that lady did every week. Same with David Wiley’s Mystery Train. Pam without Boundaries is another show I like a lot and catch when I can. Same with Wave Project and anything Freeform. And of course Glen Leslie still cuts the mustard on Jet Set Planet.

Those other stations?

WFMU New Jersey - I love Liz Berg's show amongst other nuggets of magnificence that end up in their FANTASTIC archives.

Homegrown stuff? Well I do pay for it indirectly!

BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 4

Honourable mention goes to that Jay chap who is on 106.5 The Arch in St. Louis is doing a fine job too...

Liverpool, England
- - -
When I was a kid in 60's Pittsburgh, I still remember listening to KDKA and laughing at Rege Cordic, listening to Art Pallan's Top 40 Countdown and at night it was Clark Race's Dance Party. KDKA just wasn't the same after Cordic and Race left.

I do notice how radio has evolved and homogenized since those 60s days in Pittsburgh. Now, everwhere I've been in the Western US, most major markets have the same Hot this, Jack that, Morning Zoo gang, Hot sounds and Classic stuff.

Where I live now in Los Angeles AM radio has only news, the gasbags, Spanish or Korean broadcasts and that's it.

FM radio has the same cooky cutter types Hot, Jack, Indy, Classic and Morning Zoo stuff that I noted above. All sounds the same.

I listen to Sirius on my iPhone or Stiletto radio. Enjoy listening to R&B, Blues, Sinatra, Classic Radio and sometimes I get a chuckle from Stern. I also listen to several shows on the internet. Including Crap From The Past, I enjoy Barry Scott's Lost 45s and Irwin Chusid on WFMU. I honestly believe the Internet is the future of radio and terrestrial stations will eventually wither.

Los Angeles, CA
- - -
American Top 40 (what else.) The Ultimate Oldies Countdown with Bob Mathers and of course oldies, oldies, and more oldies, especially the ones you have not heard in years.

Milford, CT
- - -
What I listen to mostly is a lot of cool stuff from my own collection. Other than that, Barry Scott's Lost 45's is a good show. I used to get this show out of Canada on my radio dial called Finkelman's 45's, where the guy would play these great forgotten oldies, and then rant Andy Rooney-style, between songs, about a wide variety of topics. I still listen to tapes I have of good ol' Wolfman Jack, and every Sunday, here on Detroit's WNIC, I've been able to tune into one of Casey's Classic Countdowns, where a different countdown of his from the '70's or '80's, is re-aired. Maybe they do this in Minneapolis, too. I do a lot of online searches for music, and there are some good YouTube channels, full of rare pop.

- - -
Sound always catches my attention, and I'm exquisitely aware of it, though the range narrows as I get older. As for music, I'm not bound to a particular century, locale, genre, or era. Whether I keep listening depends upon timbre, pitch, cadence, and synthesis. And whether a musician's heart and soul pulse through the piece. At KFAI, besides CFTP, I favor Sangam (especially w/ Shashi), African Rhythms, Bop Street, Louisiana Rhythms when Mick's at the mic, and occasionally Radio Rumpus Room. When I'm in the mood for smooth: Pam Without Boundaries. Elsewhere, I tap into Cosmic Slop, BBC Afrique (though I don't speak French), CDs, cassettes--the records are in my sister's keeping--live gigs, whatever's happening in the alley beyond my balcony, and other people's conversations.

Springfield, MO
- - -
I pick a different Facebook friend every day and check out the stream of their station - I monitor the streams of my competitors here in St. Louis - I have lots of CFTP and Comic Slop shows downloaded from the Archives and I like other KFAI shows like Across The Board and - - - - ....also Randy Raley's planetradio.us - a deep cuts station with its own iphone app....Howard Hoffman's GreatBigRadio.com...oldies from the 50's and 60's on kzqz1430am.com and 1260kya.com and progressive rock on Lee Arnold's WORJ.com

St. Louis, MO
- - -