Echo Chamber Echo Beach End-of-Summer Special 2012


On Wednesday, September 5th from 2-6 am, Dr. StrangeDub and DJ Baby Swiss will park themselves at the Dub Club Tiki Bar for the annual Echo Beach end of summer special. This is a bit different kind of Echo Chamber -- as we'll actually play some rock 'n roll: that twangy, instrumental surf rock one expects to find at all great tiki bars. Then, once the martinis are well shaken, we'll get into some cool old school soul and R&B. Things will be really cookin' now, and the Tiki Bar lounge will be heavy with kali smoke. A good time to cool things down with a variety of lounge sounds, world sounds, weird electronica, and swanky jazz.

But don't think for minute that the dub doctors will completely forget our dub and reggae foundation. Some deep Zen meditation is sure to follow the martinis and tonight we will air part 2 of the In the Garden of Dub Mix I put together. This dubwise mix celebrates the pleasures of gardening, the roots of life, and the seasons of nature. That's the Echo Chamber, Wednesday morning from 2-6 am. Be the waves break on the sands of Echo Beach...or be square.