7th Annual Winter Skill Share & Gear Swap

Grease Rag Presents: 7th Annual Winter Skill Share & Gear Swap, image of Babe the Blue Ox riding a bike.
Sunday, November 1, 2015 - 11:00am to 4:00pm

Curious about winter biking? Looking for advice on how to ride a little longer into the cool weather this year? Want to ready yourself to hit the slippery streets like a penguin hits the ice? Do you like door prizes? Join us for the 7th Annual Winter Skill Share!

Sunday, November 1, 11am - 4pm
Blake Upper School, 511 Kenwood Pkwy

This event is FREE and open to all WTF (women, trans, and femme) cyclists! If you are a man without a trans experience, or you benefit from cis-male privilege, this is not the event for you. Please respect this WTF space.

Our goal is to share experiences of winter biking with beginners, from different WTF perspectives. Winter riding is fun and convenient! We want to see you out there this winter, so please stop by, and maybe win a prize. Come with questions and leave feeling confident and ready to take on Minnesota's most challenging season.

This year, we are making sessions LONGER, so you can get in-depth on the topics (topics to be announced soon). We will feature a Gear Swap AND be collecting food donations for The Exchange. See details in the blog post (linked below), including information about PRIZES!

You are welcome to come and go as you please. Find all the details at greaserag.org.


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