Country Music: 2018 in memoriam

   Country music fans said goodbye to the following individuals who passed on in 2018:

Lari White (singer)-January 23rd-age 52
George McCormick (singer)-February 5th-age 84
Daryle Singletary (singer)-February 12th-age 46
Ronnie Prophet (singer)-March 2nd-age 80
Kenny O'Dell (singer/songwriter)-March 27th-age 73
Randy Scruggs (singer/guitarist)-April 17th-age 64
Rayburn Anthony (singer/songwriter)-April 21st-age 80
Glenn Snoddy (accidental inventor of fuzz tone guitar)-May 21st-age 96
Wayne Secrest (Confederate Railroad bass player)-June 2nd-age 68
D.J. Fontana (Elvis Presley's drummer)-June 13th-age 87
Lorrie Collins (of the Collins Kids) (singer)-August 4th-age 76
Tony Joe White (singer/songwriter)-October 24th-age 75
Freddie Hart (singer/songwriter)-October 27th-age 91
Herb Remington (steel guitarist)-October 27th-age 92
Dave Rowland (singer)-November 1st-age 74
Roy Clark (singer/guitarist)-November 15th-age 85
Kelso Herston (guitarist/producer)-December 4th-age 87
Jerry Chesnut (songwriter)-December 15th-age 87
Jimmy Work (singer/songwriter)-December 22nd-age 94
Steve Hall (comedian/voice of Shotgun Red)-December 28th-age 64