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Native American films around the country often fall beneath the radar because of low funding and low publicity, but Elise Marrubio of Augsburg College, sees the potential for social change and understanding through the screening of these obscure films.

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This weekend, the Cowles Center in downtown Minneapolis will stage performances by the AXIS Dance Company.  These performers specialize in choreography known as "physically integrated dance," featuring artists with and without disabilities.  The production's reperatory includes work from choreographer Joe Goode that brings to light issues facing our nation’s veterans and addresses their resilience following severe life changes.  AXIS takes the stage at Cowles Friday, April 8 and

With all the negative flap about the music industry’s portrayal of females in Hip-Hop music, some local females have put an empowering spin on the male-dominated skills of MC-ing and break dancing, as

The Return of the Kings – The Lightning-Fast Roma (Gypsy) Brass Romania’s Fanfare Ciocărlia Comes Back to North America. For the first time, this legendary band is coming to the Twin Cities. The concert is Wednesday, Sept. 26th, at The Cedar Cultural Center…

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Cafe Intifada, which has been described as interactive political theater relaying the situation of life on the ground under Israeli Occupation, opens this weekend at the Bedlam Theater. KFAI’s Lydia Howell spoke to writer and director Flo Razowsky.

January 29, 2009

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A locally produced Arab-American television show recently celebrated its 10th anniversary on the air.

On Tuesday, September 21st writer and musician Ben Weaver will be in the studio to talk about his newest creative endeavors, which include his work as a writer, a new album called Mirepoix and Smoke, and his stint as an artist-in-residence Sept. 23rd through Oct. 8th at Bryant-Lake Bowl. Joining Ben Weaver will be poet Dobby Gibson, who will also perform as part of the residency Sept. 30th.

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Great radio isn’t just produced by seasoned veterans. Many stations, including KFAI, have youth radio programs featuring the work of high school students. On Wednesday’s Listening Lounge:listeninglounge (August 24 at 6:30 p.m.), you’ll hear Someone To Tuck Me In, by Raymond Henderson of New York City. Raymond tells the story of living with foster parents after suffering from abuse.

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Bettye LaVette is in town tonight at the Dakota Jazz Club in Minneapolis. LaVette is an overnight success story that was 47 years in the making. Her unique sound is being embraced by new and old fans alike. She took some time out today to speak with KFAI’s Marty Owings.


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A new play looks at being in debt — over money AND love. KFAI’s Lydia Howell reviews Malachy Walsh’s new play Beyond the Owing, now playing at the Red Eye Theater in Minneapolis through July 26, 2009.

_This story aired on Wednesday, July 15, 2009. Howell’s complete interview with the play’s director, Genevieve Bennett, can be heard on the July 9, 2009, edition of Art Matters.