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Dutch-born director Paul Verhoeven spent many years in Hollywood, making such films as RoboCop, Basic Instinct and Starship Troopers.

So when is it ok to laugh at someone who’s handicapped? When it’s Josh Blue, the Last Comic Standing from NBC’s 2006 season. He recently performed at the University of Minnesota. At first, KFAI’s Will Wright just wanted to watch the show, but he also knew he wanted to ask Blue why he chose comedy. As Wright discovered, it can be blamed on botany.


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Minneapolis artist collective Traffic Zone: is exhibiting a collection of book art from 14 international artists Sept. 1 to Oct. 15. KFAI’s Britt Aamodt spoke to co-curators Harriet Bart and Lisa Nankivil, as well as poet Eric Lorberer, who’ll be reading poems of erasure at the downtown Minneapolis gallery Tuesday night at 7 pm.


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Vincent James may be the best-kept secret in Minneapolis architecture.

St. Paul Central High School’s Central Touring Theater (CTT) has been creating original social justice theater for more than three decades. At CTT, juniors and seniors become teachers, and theater to present important issues that resonate in their lives, including racsim, sexism, depression and abuse.

Last spring the group took its play, Training Day: The Battles We Face, on the road—performing and leading workshops at schools locally and nationally. The high-energy show incorporates singing, dancing and hip hop to entertain and enlighten, confronting struggles that students face in and out of the classroom.

This week MinneCulture presents an excerpt from Training Day: The Battles We Face, with commentary by CTT founder Jan Mandell, and teaching partner Emily Gill. This Live from Minnesota segment airs Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm, and was produced for KFAI by Daniel Zamzow.

A new exhibition at the Weisman Art Museum entitled Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation features contemporary Native North American art from the West, Northwest, and Pacific.

On February 3, 2009 at 7:30pm on Disabled and Proud, Christina Cotruvo will be talking about her audio music reading service No-C-Notes. This music reading service replaces Braille music notation for the blind.

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Walker Art Center’s Expanding the Frame Film Fest showcases women and the Hollywood glass ceiling. Lydia Howell has a review. Hear the full interview with Ellen Kuras on Catalyst, archived at


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This week MinneCulture presents an audio documentary by producers Andy Driscoll and Tom O’Connell about Circle of the Witch. COTW was a nonprofit theater company that formed in 1973. For five years it functioned as a political performance group, exploring the relationship between theater and feminism. Tune in from 7:30-8pm on Mon, Aug 26, and Wed, Aug 28. To read more about COTW, visit the Minnesota Historical Society.

Join Leigh Combs and Dixie Treichel on Thursday Oct. 7 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm for a special pledge drive show with laughs and surprises!

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