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Drea Clark, director of the Slamdance Film Festival held in Park City, Utah, speaks to KFAI’s Jim Brunzell about Slamdance, the films it highlights, and how a Minnesotan nailed the top job of a film f

Brushy One-String is Jamaica’s—and likely the world’s—foremost self-taught, one-string guitar player. He was invited to perform just last month at the 11th annual globalFEST, New York’s highly-esteemed music festival featuring 12 artists from around the world on three stages in one night. A couple of days before Brushy hit the stage, KFAI’s Minna Zhou sat down with the Jamaican bluesman for an exclusive interview and performance session. Originally aired February 6, 2014 on African Rhythms.

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The Mixed Blood Theater brings back Jevetta Steele’s autobiography play production Two Queens One Castle, that opened September 21st, 2007.

Joe Meek, record producer and engineer, made a major breakthrough in sound production in the 1950s & 60s with his innovative recording and pioneering studio techniques such as multiple over-dubbing, close miking, direct input of bass guitars, the compressor, and effects like echo and reverb as well as sampling.

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[img_assist|nid=17814|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=185|height=83]KFAI will celebrate Black History Month with a special day of programming on February 19th. From 6am until 9:30pm, KFAI will feature a variety of programming including music, history, and dialogue from members of the Twin Cities community and from respected national sources.

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Thursday, February 26th at 11 am Laura Flynn joins Write on Radio hosts in the studio to talk about her warmly received memoir about growing up in the care of a schizophrenic mother. Her book, Swallow the Ocean, has recently been issued in paperback.

In the second half of the show, Reese Erlich talks about his newest book, _Dateline Havana: The Real Story of U.S.

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July 15th at 6:30pm, Mr. Kevin Allison (formerly of MTV's The State & founder of the RISK!

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Kevin Kling is a noted author, playwright, and storyteller.    His new show Humanimal is opening August 9th at Open Eye Figure Theater in Minneapolis,  And runs through August 18th.

More info can be found online at Open Eye Figure Theatre

 KFAI’s Aaron Westendorp sat down with Kling to discuss this play.  

A note for listeners – Aaron is non verbal so he uses computer software to speak.

KFAI DJs will be on the scene at Art-A-Whirl this weekend, spinning on Friday and Saturday at the Silent Auction Gallery #332 of the Northrup King Building. Explore the amazing art and meet some of your favorite KFAI programmers.

5 – 6:30pm: Jacquie Maddix “Lady J” / Rollin’ and Tumblin’
6:30 – 8pm: DJ Steely / Kinda Cloudy Radio
8 – 9pm: Sarah Lageson / House Party
9 – 10pm: Mick & Tom Novak / Louisiana Rhythms & This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’


noon – 1:30pm: Brad Wrolstad / African Rhythms
1:30 – 3pm: Liberty Finch / The Pop Shop
3 – 4:30pm: Miguel Vargas / Radio Pocho
4:30 – 6pm: Old School Bob & Nu Skool Katey / Fused Funk
6 – 7pm: Glen Leslie / Jet Set Planet
7 – 8pm: Mason Butler & Ben Heath / Below the Waste

Many KFAI programmers have set aside time during their shows to salute our recently departed friend (and former KFAI DJ) Willie Murphy. Willie was a frequent guest on our airwaves over the years, and we've gone digging through the archives to repost some of our favorite moments. Watch this space throughout the week for new/old shows, memorials and testimonials.