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With current Council Member Ralph Remington stepping down this year, the race is between longtime neighborhood activists and business owners. KFAI’s Allison Herrera profiles Meg Tuthill and Dan Alvin.


On Saturday, the Minneapolis DFL party endorsed the first Somali American to elected office. Hussein Samatar, a small business owner, was endorsed for Minneapolis School Board District 3. Alberto Montserrate, publisher of LaPrensa, was endorsed for the District 5 seat. The most contested district school board seat resulted in Jenny Arneson winning the District 1 endorsement over Marcia Thomas.

Veteran Congressman Jim Ramstad is retiring from his position this year as the representative for Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District.

While SuperTuesday results are being analyzed all over the nation, campaigns and voters alike are experiencing life after SuperTuesday and looking to what comes next. But what really went on at the Minnesota caucuses? One of our reporters takes us on her journey.

The Minnesota Senate District and County Conventions are approaching in March and April.

US Senate candidate Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer has garnered some additional support on his bid for the DFL endorsement against Al Franken. At Senate and County conventions across the state last weekend, the competition between both candidates was evident. In South Minneapolis’s Senate District 61, the delegate count was 10 for Nelson-Pallmeyer to Franken’s 7.

On Saturday, February 2nd, Barack Obama hosted a rally at a sold-out Target Center in preparation for the upcoming Democratic caucus. KFAI’s Stephen Manuszak attended the rally and spoke with attendees before the rally began.

Recently, a new generation of veterans – veterans of the Iraq war -have started running for Congress. Among this new group of veterans is Steve Sarvi, who is currently trying to be elected to the House of Representatives in Washington for Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District, just south of the Twin Cities. He has served in the military for 19 years; in Kosovo and more recently in Iraq.

In a sense, St. Paul’s 6th Ward presents a race between youthful optimism and solid experience. The candidates running for City Council in St.

Gone are the September primary elections when the electorate had to quickly educate themselves about candidates after a summer break from politics. Ranked Choice Voting is going to change the process of electing politicians in the City of Minneapolis this fall. KFAI’s Allison Herrera got the lowdown from Star Tribune reporter Steve Brandt on the upcoming city races.