General Announcements

The YWCA sponsored a governor’s forum today in downtown Minneapolis. The forum centered around women and the issues that affect them. KFAI reporter Marty Owings filed this report.


The Minnesota House GOP met last night to choose a successor to Minority Leader Marty Seifert who is stepping down to run for Governor. Capitol Correspondent Marty Owings has the story.


Do green cleaning products work as well as those harsher, more toxic products? And how do you know if a product that claims to be environmentally-friendly truly is? On the next Wave Project, Ramy Selim of Sunny Day Earth Solutions explores the myths, misconceptions and realities of natural, plant-based cleaning products.

Tune in at 6pm on Friday, April 27th for “Whiteness and Hurricane Katrina,” a KFAI News special featuring noted activist and anti-racism writer Tim Wise.