General Announcements

Liberia has endured fourteen years of civil war and is finally beginning to return to normalcy.

Story by Christina Cerruti

Journalist and Democracy Now Host Amy Goodman was in Minnesota recently to speak at this year’s awards ceremony for the John R. Finnegan Freedom of Information Award, given annually by the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information – a group promoting openness and access to government records.

Life-long activist Angela Davis recently spoke at Macalester College as part of the college’s celebration of Black History Month. Davis did not give a prepared speech.

The discovery of a cat hoarder in a St. Anthony trailer park has placed the Animal Humane Society in the midst of a public relations nightmare. Normally seen as a protector of animals, the decision to euthanize 120 cats recovered from the raid has angered many animal rights activists. A few of the activists protested in front of the Animal Humane Society building in Golden Valley this morning.

Opponents of US military interventions in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq took to downtown Minneapolis streets this afternoon to protest the government’s actions. KFAI reporter Alex Davy was there.


Yet another Anti-Iraq War Protest took place at the Minnesota Capitol on Sunday September 23rd. This demonstration was organized by major labor unions.

A group of anti-nuclear youth activists, called Think Outside the Bomb, is making its way across the country this summer to educate communities about their vision for a nuclear-free future. The group stopped in Minneapolis on Wednesday evening, May 26, to present their ideas to a small gathering of community members at Walker Community Church.

Everyone is gearing up for the Republican National Convention. Businesses, hotels and restaurants are hoping for a huge boost in sales during the first week in September.

A group of Twin Cities’ anti-war activists gathered at MayDay bookstore in the Cedar Riverside neighborhood of Minneapolis Tuesday night. They were there to watch President Obama’s speech to West Point cadets calling for an increase of American troops. Afterwards, the activists had plenty to say about the escalation.