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On Thursday, March 6th, representatives from the Military Families Speak Out and Iraq Veterans Against War, gathered at the University of Minnesota’s Blegen Hall to share their powerful personal stori

Members representing several local anti-war groups gathered in the cold today outside of the Governor’s mansion to protest the deployment of 1000 Minnesota National Guardsmen. KFAI reporter Michelle Alimoradi interviewed protest organizer, Marie Braun.

February 12, 2009

More than 1500 people protested the war in Iraq on September 15, marching from the cathedral in St.

Anti-war protesters were at the St. Paul office of 4th District Congressional representative Betty McCollum’s office the afternoon of Tuesday, May 18. They were asking her to vote against a supplemental funding bill for $33 billion more for the war in Afghanistan. Previously, the protesters targeted Senators Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar. KFAI’s Alex Davy reports.


Local anti-war ativists participated in state-wide protests at military recruitment centers as part of Zero Recruitment Day on Thursday. Protestors from organizations like Grandmas for Peace, the Anti-War Committee, and Twin Cities Peace Campaign gathered at military recruitment centers to voice opposition to military recruiting and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Autism rates for Somali children appear to be higher than for other ethnic groups. Somali-Americans make up about 6 percent of the Minneapolis Public School population. Yet the number of Somalis enrolled in the city’s early childhood autism programs totals about 17 percent.

Minneapolis is in the middle of its own Fashion Week, albeit a bit lower-key than the one that just finished in New York. Recent headlines about the lack of non-White models on runways and ad campaigns prompted Will Wright to ask local fashion industry people their opinions about the subject.


An art gallery in Saint Paul is hoping a new exhibit will help connect people with art in unique and meaningful ways. The exhibit, which features art by Iraqi children, is getting attention including one Iraq War Veteran who is walking 1000 miles to bring attention to the childrens’ plight.

KFAI Reporter Marty Owings brings us the story.


The Republican National Convention is coming to the Twin Cities, and local artists have heeded the call: art is patriotic!

For a small investment, artists can showcase their creativity and charity in an ice house or Art Shanty: on the frozen Medicine Lake in Plymouth, Minnesota.