General Announcements

On Wednesday, January 16, the 8th Ward City Council Office of Minneapolis hosted an Arts Forum at the Pillsbury House Theater. KFAI’s Erin Vassilopoulos reports.

The 2009 Asian American Psychological Association: conference takes place this week in Toronto, Canada. As Asian-Americans gain more publicity and awareness through the Obama administration, awareness is also growing on a regional level including the academic field of psychology. KFAI’s Mahi Palanisami reports.


Alongside the National Conference for Media Reform, the Asian American Theater Conference and the South Asian Theater Arts Movement hosted a national conference that brought people into the Twin Citie

Arthur Jackson, 57, is a Salvation Army bellringer at the Mall of America in Minneapolis who loves to sing when he rings.

Colleges and universities have used food trays in buffet-style lines for a long time. However, many schools are ditching the trays to save on water consumption while also lowering their energy bill. Washing just one tray takes an average of three gallons of water.

In light of the recent shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, the issue of soldiers refusing to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan has gained attention. Dahr Jamail is an independent journalist who has covered the Iraq war extensively.

Recently, a resolution was introduced in Congress to strengthen the Great Lakes Compact, an agreement to prevent the diversion of water that was signed by the eight Great Lakes states, Quebec and Ontario.

A recent study conducted by the Minnesota Department of Health concludes that a disproportionately high amount of young Somali children are participating in autism programs. After the report’s release, many questions remain about whether or not the study reflects an increase in autism within the Twin Cities Somali community.

Minneapolis and St. Paul elections are on the horizon, and it’s time to submit your vote. You can vote traditionally, or by using the new automated system called AutoMark. Automark is a voting system that was created for people with disabilities, to make voting easier. KFAI’s Roger Huelsnitz visited the Ward 6 voting warehouse, to get a closer look.