Minnesota Politicians and their run for the White House
Produced by Ahndi Fridell

Forty-four men have served as President of the United States, though none hail from Minnesota. In this MinneCulture documentary, KFAI legacy producer Ahndi Fridell profiles six local politicians who left a mark on national history in their run for the White House: Ignatius Donnelly, Floyd Olson, Harold Stassen, Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy and Walter Mondale.

In commemoration of the 5th Anniversary of the war in Iraq, KFAI’s news department decided to interview a soldier who is committed to serving his country by participating in armed conflict and as he s

May 15th marks the anniversary of the 60th anniversary of the Israeli state and the Palestinian Al-Nakba.

KFAI’s News Director Lauretta Dawolo and producer Todd Melby captured several African American voices last weekend who in many cases have made a choice to support their number two candidate – democrat

Al Franken is currently the lead contender in Minnesota’s US Senate race. He’s campaigning against incumbent Republican Norm Coleman and DFL underdog Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer. Last week, KFAI interviewed Nelson-Pallmeyer’s campaign manager following his surge of support in several Senate District conventions.

Allyson Kennedy, Vice Presidential candidate of the Socialist/Workers party, recently visited the Twin Cities. She sat down with KFAI’s Tom Lisi to talk about her party’s vision for the country.

Do you know how well the schools in your community are doing in comparison to others in the whole state?

On Thursday, March 6th, representatives from the Military Families Speak Out and Iraq Veterans Against War, gathered at the University of Minnesota’s Blegen Hall to share their powerful personal stori

More than 1500 people protested the war in Iraq on September 15, marching from the cathedral in St.

Tonight, Barack Obama formally accepts the Democratic nomination for president. As the first African-American to head a major party ticket, many black and white Americans are celebrating this moment. Some commentators are even suggesting that Obama’s candidacy means we are entering a post racial period, meaning that in the future, race won’t matter.

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