Health care is a hot topic these days at the capitol.

Vicki Gass is the Senior Associate on Rights and Development of the Washington Office on Latin America.

Over the past few weeks KFAI has been covering tonight’s St. Paul City Council elections. Our reporters have found that many are worried voter turn out will be lower than in previous elections. St. Paul residents are encouraged to get out and vote before polls close at 8 p.m.

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In this week’s legislative update, Congressman Keith Ellison, who represents Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District in Minneapolis, discusses another war funding bill, more on Indiana’s voter ID

Mary Scully, of the Iraq Peace Action Coalition; Marie Brown, of Women Against Military Madness; and Chante Wolf, of Veterans for Peace are some of the voices of women in the anti-war and peace moveme

Ed Felien talks about his revolutionary book Take the Streets! this Friday at 11 am on Catalyst:node/57. He can also be heard Sunday, September 28th at 3 pm at May Day Books, 301 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis.

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Tune in at 6pm on Friday, April 27th for “Whiteness and Hurricane Katrina,” a KFAI News special featuring noted activist and anti-racism writer Tim Wise.