From the country’s first president to its latest, American Commanders in Chief have wielded the controversial power of executive privilege.

KFAI will air a special two-hour edition of Democracy Now on Wednesday, September 4th from 11am to 1pm. Tune in as Amy Goodman reports the from behind the scenes at the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul.

Margaret Donahoe is the Executive Director of the Minnesota Transportation Alliance:http://www.transportationalliance.com/.

In St. Paul, voters approved Instant Runoff Voting for future city elections 52% to 47%.

While we are all concerned about the price of gasoline, Minnesota’s gas tax will increase by two cents a gallon on Tuesday, April 1st, and many people wonder how this will affect the price they will p

Incumbent Debbie Montgomery:http://www.montgomeryforwardone.org/ and Melvin Carter III:http://www.melvincarter.org/, are the Ward One contestants in this Fall’s St. Paul City Council Elections.

Under Governor Tim Pawlenty’s newly proposed budget plan, some $30 million would be cut from transit.

Last month, the Minnesota Green Party:http://www.mngreens.org/ introduced former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney as a Green Presidential candidate.

Ward 3 in St. Paul is bordered by West 7th Street, Summit Avenue, Lexington Parkway and the Mississippi River and is home to Highland Park and the site of the soon to be closed Ford Plant.

Reprsentative Willie Dominguez (DFL) 58B gave KFAI news an update [April 10th] on the Healthcare Reform Bill.