Encuentro Joins the KFAI Schedule

Beginning on July 29, every Sunday from 1 to 2:30 in the afternoon, KFAI will broadcast its new program, Encuentro. Encuentro promises to take you on a journey across Latin-America with its folk and traditional music, as well as poetry, proverbial expressions, and other Spanish-language traditions and artistic expressions from the Latin American peoples.

Encuentro’s hosts, Gilberto Vázquez Valle and Esperanza Ladrón de Guevara, will showcase the amazing richness and variety of Latin-American music —from Mexico to Argentina, including the Caribbean countries, as well as music from the Indigenous peoples of Mexico and other Latin-American countries.

Along with folk and traditional music, including many field recordings and other non-commercial material, Encuentro will include more recent music and interpreters who have achieved classic status throughout Latin America, as well as contemporary performers and composers whose work is mainly rooted in the folk tradition.

Join Gilberto and Esperanza for a unique and expansive journey through the vast artistic landscapes and cultural roots of Latin America!