Annual Echo Chamber Tuff Gong and Tubby Tribute

On February 6, 1945 Robert Nesta Marley was born in the small village of Nine Mile in Jamaica. Forty-four years later, on February 6, 1989 the great dubmaster King Tubby was senselessly murdered in Kingston. One man had become a legend the world round. The other was a legend in the reggae world, and a permanent influence upon recording studio techniques and technology. Two men very far apart...but two men true to their roots.

On Wednesday, February 6th (from 2-5 a.m.), the Echo Chamber presents its annual tribute to these two legendary artists of kick off Black History month.

The tiny Third World country of Jamaica produced an artist who has transcended all categories, classes, and creeds through a combination of innate modesty and profound wisdom. Bob Marley gave the world brilliant and evocative music; his work stretched across nearly two decades and yet still remains timeless and universal. Robert Nesta Marley, the Tuff Gong, may be the most significant musical artist of the twentieth century. (Steve Barrow)

Today the remix and dub version are commonplace in popular music; less widely appreciated is the fact that these techniques were pioneered in a tiny studio at 18 Bromilly Avenue in the Kingston district called Waterhouse. That pioneer of dub was an electronics engineer and sound system operator named Osbourne Ruddock, but to the crowds who flocked to his dances, and the countless singers and record producers who utilized his skills, he was known as King Tubby. (Steve Barrow)

Don't miss the Echo Chamber's annual Tuff Gong & Tubby Tribute. Nearly all the tunes will be from Bob Marley & the Wailers, or King Tubby productions. Email Dr. StrangeDub ( with your requests now...