KFAI's 2008 Program Development Project

KFAI is offering a three-month training opportunity to community members and existing KFAI volunteers interested in developing new, innovative, and engaging programming for the radio station. The Program Development Project (PDP) is a station initiative designed to help KFAI identify and cultivate original programming for new or under-served radio listeners in the Twin Cities.

Mid June- Mid September 2008

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: Friday, May 30, 2008 (5pm)
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Participants in the PDP will be selected through an application process. Prospective participants can apply as individuals or as a programming group.

The KFAI Program Committee will select 2-5 applications for the project. Depending on the strength of the pool of applicants, the committee will select a mix of music, public affairs/arts, and community/foreign language program proposals.


Program proposals from current KFAI volunteers and non-KFAI volunteers from the community will be considered. Minimum age is 13 and minors will need to have consent from a legal guardian if they are selected to participate in the PDP.

Selection Criteria & Selection Process

The KFAI Program Committee will consider the following criteria when selecting PDP participants.

1. Program proposal meets the KFAI mission.
2. Program proposal fulfills potential programming need as determined by the Program Committee.
3. All proposals will be considered. Strong preference will be given to proposals that are fresh, innovative, engaging, and embrace potential new audiences.

Members of the KFAI Program Committee will review all proposals. Proposals will be rated by each committee member and final selections will be made at a meeting of the Program Committee on Tuesday, June 3, 2008.

Applicants will be notified of their participation status by June 9, 2008.