Bill Geezy on Freewheelin'

Bill Geezy will be making a guest appearance on Freewheelin' with Jackson Buck Monday, June 23 at 9:00.

Bill Geezy will debut his new CD Exit Wounds on the show and also bring in some music from his own collection for your listening enjoyment.

From his days performing on Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion as a member of Stoney Lonesome Bluegrass Band to the present, Bill has been compiling a large catalogue of his handcrafted, American, countrified, folk-rock songs. On the Hoffman guitar that his mother bought him for a high school graduation present Bill has penned songs that have become the stuff that dreams are made of.

Bill's songs have been:

* Performed on Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion

* Been included on an album of children's songs, which also featured*Suzzy Roche* of the incomparable Roches.

* Recorded by Kate MacKenzie and EmmyLou Harris

* Nominated for a Grammy

* Published in internationally acclaimed folk magazine SING OUT!

Bills songs tap into a well of emotions that range from seriously sentimental to whimsically sarcastic.

Appealing to a wide range of audiences, whether you're seven or seventy Bill's songs feel comfortable the first time you hear them and grow on you more and more with each time you listen.

And there's no doubt about it these songs will stand the test of time!

Bill will also be appearing later in the week at KFAI's Roots Music Saturday at the Acadia Cafe on Saturday, June 28.

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