KFAI Mardi Gras Party

KFAI invites you for an evening of great Cajun and Zydeco music, food, costumes, dancing and loads of fun at our annual MARDI GRAS PARTY at the Eagles Club in Minneapolis.

The party takes place at the Eagles Club on Fat Tuesday, February 24. Music starts at 7:00.

Music will be by The Faux Playboys, Brass Messengers, Mr. Rolls, and The Rockin’ Pinecones.

The Faux Playboys play Zydeco, Cajun, & Swamp Pop. They feature Gary Powell on accordion & vocals; Ted Koltz:Drums; KFAI's Karl Smelker: Bass, Vocals; Greg Fleming-Wolfe: Guitar; and Chris Geller:Scrubboard, Vocals

Mr. Rolls plays New Orleans R&B, Blues, Funk, and early New Orleans rock and roll and is Dan Rowles, of the Explodo Boys, on keyboards and guitar, Ted Klotz and KFAI's Karl Smelker, of the Swamp Sextet and the Faux Playboys, on bass, Greg Fleming-Wolfe, of WEDG and the Faux Playboys, on guitar and the mighty Max Ray, of the the Wallets, the X-Boys, Willie and the Bees, and the Explodo Boys on saxophone.

The Brass Messengers is an 11 piece band that plays the Gypsy Brass styles of Romania, American Country Music, Latin American Dance Rhythms and Afro-Pop and consists of Tony Randazzo on Peck Horn and Eb Tuba, Paul Fonfara on Bb Reeds, Tony Balluff on Bb Clarinet, Kristen Froebel on Bb and Eb Saxophones, Philip Potyandi on the Cornet, Mike Manthei on Trumpet, Tom Carlson on rattles and Trumpet, JB McLain on Trombone and unidentifiable mouth sounds, Steve The Enforcer Sandberg on Trombone, Scott Anderson on Bottom, and Ryan Billig on hand, stick and strapped on drums.

The Rockin' Pinecones play rootsy New Orleans-style R&B, with a little Cajun and Zydeco and the group's members are Dan Daddy Squeeze Newton on accordion, piano, and vocals, Dick Danaher on sax, keyboard, rubboard, and vocals, Tim Mauseth on guitar and vocals, Rusty Jones on bass and vocals, and Dehl Gallagher on drums.

KFAI’s Mardi Gras Party is at The Eagles Club, 2507 E. 25th Street in Minneapolis.