Aby Wolf and Omaur Bliss at 331 Club Friday, May 1st!

I recently remembered watching American Idol a few years back thinking, these people have absolutely no idea what talent is. The bottom line is that there are numerous local artists in Minnesota that could frankly make any winner of American Idol grovel at their feet, and Aby Wolf is most certainly one of them. Her talent far outweighs anything that could or would ever come from Fox. Her no-contest indy-folk vocal and song writing abilities are at once insightful, hopeful, and rich as the day is deep.

Also joining us is Omaur Bliss: the real thing. The kind of hip hop/R & B artist you would equally brag to your friends about as well try to keep to yourself like a prized treasure for no one else to discover. Omaur Bliss makes no excuses, no smoke and mirrors. What you get is honest and thoughtful with beats that could make any hip-hop-non-believer jump up from their can and rejoice.

Friday, May 1st
KFAI’s MN Soundtrack Night at the 331 Club welcomes:
Aby Wolf and Omaur Bliss