2009 St. Paul and Minneapolis Elections

Tune in to a special pre-election day broadcast on the KFAI Evening News from 6-7pm on Monday, November 2nd. Hosts Allison Herrera and Art Hughes will look at the impact of Ranked Choice Voting on Minneapolis elections and talk to Pioneer Press reporter Doug Belden about St. Paul School Board Races. They will also talk to Green Party elected official, Cam Gordon, about the future of the political party.

Check out KFAI's Elections web page to get results of the Minneapolis and St. Paul elections. You can also select a race to hear audio and learn more about the candidates.

Minneapolis Mayor

Minneapolis City Council

Minneapolis Board of Estimate and Taxation two at large

Minneapolis Park Board at Large

Candidates for Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board – District 1 through 6

St. Paul Mayor

St. Paul School Board 4 year term

St. Paul School Board 2 year term

St. Paul Referendum

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