Black History Month Special Day of Programming on KFAI

Tune into KFAI all day on Tuesday February 23rd to hear a full day's programming devoted to celebrating Black History Month. You will hear music and discussion from 6am to 6pm produced by KFAI and members of the community.

6am-9am: Dee Henry Williams, Host of A Great Blend of Watercolors, presents The Politics, Art, and Music of Chicago.

9am-11am: Akhmiri Sekhr-Ra presents Music that Mattered: Music from Black Culture that makes you shout, or even brings a tear eye. Take a two hour musical journey that will lead you back to the promise land of your soul.

11am-Noon: Conversations with Al McFarlane discussed Black History Month

Noon-1pm: The Communiversity explores culture, politics and the kinship between academia and the community in relation to Black History Month

1pm-3pm: Janis Lane-Ewart, host of Collective Eye presents Celebrating the Magic of Jazz

3pm-6pm: Lady J devotes Rollin' and Tumblin to the intersection of music and magic with a look into the history of the blues.