KFAI Seeking Proposals for Programs Aimed at Immigrant Communities

KFAI is now accepting proposals for a program opening on Sundays from Noon-1pm. Programming in this times slot is dedicated to serving the international and immigrant communities in the Twin Cities.

A program proposal can be found HERE

Proposal forms should be typed or printed clearly. You can also follow the general format of the form and create your own document. If you need more room for an answer, attach additional sheets. Submit your proposal to the Program Director [Box 74], KFAI, 1808 Riverside Avenue, Mpls., MN 55454.

For these openings, the KFAI Program Committee will consider all proposals that feature programming aimed at immigrant communities in the Twin Cities. Individuals or groups that wish to submit programs that will be broadcast primarily in a non-English language are highly encouraged to submit a proposal.

Applicants should understand that the committee has a strong overall preference for proposals from active volunteers that have passed the on-air certification course but non-board certified individuals or groups are still highly encouraged to apply. Proposals must be accompanied by 10 copies of a sample program. These sample programs should be 20-40 minutes in length and must be submitted on CD.

Program Proposals must be at KFAI by noon on Friday August 27th. Programming that does not directly serve immigrant communities will not be considered for this timeslot.

If you have any questions, please contact Program Director Adam Mehl at 612-341-3144×20 or adammehl@kfai.org