Ben Weaver joins Spin with Cyn Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Singer/songwriter Ben Weaver, joins Spin with Cyn on Tuesday morning at noon. In celebration of his forthcoming CD, Mirepoix and Smoke, Weaver is hosting a 3-part series Tramping with the Pioneers,at the Bryant Lake Bowl.

On Spin with Cyn, as part of our pledge drive, Weaver will perform a few acoustic songs live, and talk about the remaining 2 shows on September 30 - Words hosted by Andy Sturdevant and featuring guest writers and poets - Weaver is also a poet) and his Mirepoix and Smoke record release show on October 8 with special guests The Pines.

Mirepoix and Smoke, Weaver's 7th full-length album becomes available in stores on October 19th, on the Bloodshot Records label. The record features songs weaves stories, and lyrics with imagery from Weaver's work in the past couple years as a professional chef, organic food grower, and life experiencing transitions and personal growth.