Give To The Max Day!

KFAI, Fresh Air Radio provides access to community members to actively participate in the creation of media. Whether it be programming local music or reporting on news and cultural affairs issues, KFAI brings the listener right inside the community.

KFAI's three-year long project with the Somali community on the creation of multi-media stories designed to improve the health of Somali families was successful because it included Somali voices at every aspect of decision making. With support from the the Benton Foundation's New Routes to Community Health and listeners who made financial contributions to KFAI, Somalians in the Twin Cities, as well as nationally can now view three DVD's about mental illness, the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted disease and strengthening parent/youth relationships. You can view these projects at.

KFAI's music programming attracts listeners from all over the world. One active listener lives in China and financially supports Bop Street, Rockin' in Rhythm, and The Collective Eye. There are numerous other examples where financial support for KFAI's locally produced music programming has been vital to maintaining the general operations of the organization.

One additional reason why you should care and give financial support to KFAI is because it is the only station in the United States that produces programming in 12 distinct languages over the course of a week. It is a positive model for creating social change while fostering media democracy.

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