Brad Senne Performs Live on MN Soundtrack on Friday January 21st

This Friday on MN Soundtrack Brad Senne will be sitting in and playing some of his songs. Senne has been attracting attention with his live shows and solo releases, all done dabbling in home recording studios. He also often plays out with his side projects the indie rock band, Beight and bluesy moniker Walker Fields. Senne’s haunting but harmonious voice is often described as “ghostlike, wind-whipped,” “ethereal and wispy.” This blend of hypnotic, breathy indie pop showcases his blues-influenced stripped-down compositions.

In 2009 Mike Boeser of Grain Belt Records signed Senne and in 2010 will re-release the 2009 album Aerial Views. The album received raved reviews and was voted a top 10 album of the year by The Onion – A.V. Club in the Twin Cities. Aerial Views has two new songs and has been re-mixed with added instrumentation by Ben Durrant of Crazy Beast Studios (Andrew Bird, Roma di Luna). Senne plays almost all instruments on this album including guitar, bass, piano and keyboards, resulting in 11 songs that range from simple finger-picking guitar ballads to lush instrumental arrangements.

“Here in Minnesota you've got to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the changing seasons,” Brad explains. “And in life at any minute things can change - sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way. But being ready, alert and adaptable is the best approach to anything.”

Brad Senne is a prairie reared singer/songwriter who now lives in the city writing folk pop rock songs.