19th Annual Love Stinks Special on In Your Ear & Freewheelin'

To quote Sir Paul McCartney, you'd think that people would have had enough of silly love songs. But I look around me and see it isn't so.

Well, if you've had your fill and are looking for something different, tune in to the 19th Annual Love Stinks Special on In Your Ear.

Every year around Valentine's Day, Angie Pykonen, host of KFAI's In Your Ear presents her annual Love Stinks special. This year, she's joining forces with Jackson Buck, host of Freewheelin' for an expanded version of this annual favorite.

This 2-part program will kick-off Wednesday afternoon on Freewheelin' (2:00-4:00; Feb. 16) and conclude at midnight-2:00 Wednesday night/Thursday morning on In Your Ear.

Angie and Jackson will be devoting their shows to heartache, breakup, and tearjerking emotional songs for anyone who's ever had their heart broken or experienced the flip side of the Hallmark holiday.

If there's anything you'd like them to play, send your requests to Angie at: apykonen@bitstream.net. If they can find it, they'll play it .