Make a 2011 Tax Deductible Gift to the Airwaves

KFAI members made it possible in 2011 for people to learn that the music scene in the Twin Cities extends beyond the clubs and concert halls.

KFAI listeners heard about a unique group of collectors in the Twin Cities keeping 78 RPM records alive when they heard about the 78 RPM Scene in June. When the Minnesota State Fair came around, listeners learned about a community gathering spot at the fair where everyone's voice is welcome. The Great Sing-Along has roots in deep Minnesota cultural heritage, and plans to be there next year, to carry on the community singing tradition.

Because KFAI is an independent, non-commercial radio station, we thank our listener- members for making it possible to bring to the aiwaves our community's unique features. Become a listener-member today at, by phone at 612.341.3144 × 22, or by mail at 1808 Riverside Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, 55454, and make more Radio Without Boundaries happen tomorrow.