KFAI Rocks: Garage, Punk, Monks-Inspired Rhythms All Week

In honor of The Monks’ Gary Burger and his performance at Freewheelin 1st Friday at the 331 Club January 6th, KFAI programmers will feature garage and punk rock music on their shows this week. Tune in to hear the wilder side of some of your favorite shows. If you miss one, be sure to catch it in the archives!

KFAI Rocks Schedule

Monday, January 2:

Bop Street (4pm-6pm) - host Pete Lee plans a special afternoon of 60's garage rock.

The Pop Shop (midnight Mon.-2am Tues.) - Liberty Finch and DJ Izzy will be dedicating their show to garage rock, especially The Monks.

Tuesday, January 3:

Spin with Cyn (10:00am-noon) - host Cyn Collins will be joined by guest DJ Joe Hastings (of Hastings 3000, The Sex Rays and formerly of the F* Knights, who recorded a record with Gary Burger). Joe will be sharing his favorite Monks-related, and garage and punk songs.

Dart Gun Radio (midnight Tues-2am Wed.) - host Abbi Allan will be rocking with tons of garage and punk rock.

Wednesday, January 4:

Freewheelin (2pm - 4pm) - Gary Burger of The Monks will join host Jackson Buck for a discussion about the history of The Monks. Steve Kaul of The Brass Kings will stop by to chat about his long-time (over 25 years) friendship with Burger, the man who gave a younger Steve Kaul guitar lessons. Also, Joe Holland of the F* Knights (who recorded a record with Gary Burger) will be bringing in some early pre-Monks songs.

In Your Ear (midnight Wed.-2am Thurs.) - host Angie Pykonen will be joined by Adam Mehl, former host of Radio K's long-standing punk show "Out of Step", for a couple of hours of the best of punk.

Thursday, January 5:

Voice Cried Softly (midnight Wed.-2am Thurs.) - host Eric Fifteen is a former member of the F* Knights and will be be playing rock, punk, and garage in the usual Eric Fifteen style.

Friday, January 6 - A FULL DAY OF KFAI ROCKS:

10:00-noon Fubar Omniverse - host Blanche will be playing an entire show of garage and punk, most of it with an international flavor from around the globe.

Noon-2:00 Radio Antilles - Greg Carr (former host of KFAI's popular "Dig Up The Roots") will be joining host Johnny D. for an eclectic set of garage and punk. There's no predicting where these two will take the show. But we know it'll be rocking'.

Louisiana Rhythms and Sugar Shop will be hijacked by the garage and punsters this week.

2pm -6pm - Hosts Blanche, Angie Pykonen and Jackson Buck will be joined by former and current KFAI DJs getting together for a rocking afternoon of music:

2:00-3:30 *Drew Miller* (former host of KFAI's "Crash Gearbox" and member of Boiled In Lead and Felonious Bosch), returns to the airwaves spinning garage and punk from his extensive record collection. 

3:30-4:00 Larry Englund (host of Rhythm & Grooves and former host of "Streetlight Serenade") will be bringing in a stack of vinyl to keep us entertained.

4:00-5:00 Liberty Finch & DJ Izzy, co-hosts of KFAI's The Pop Shop, return with more garage rock from their basement of groovy music.

5:00-6:00 Jean Silverberg,  co-host of KFAI's popular and dearly missed Friday night program "Radio Rumpus Room" rounds out the afternoon with an hour of unique garage rock.

Friday evening:

7:30-9:00 The Minnesota Sound (7:30pm -9pm) - host Jonathan Kennedy will bring us 90 minutes of old and new local Minnesota garage and punk on this award-winning local music show.

Midnight Friday-2:00 a.m. Saturday True Brit/truebrit  Host Simon Husbands will be bringing us British garage by the likes of the Troggs, Spinnenergi, The Clash, The Members, plus Brit bands that influenced the US garage sound.

Jackson Buck's Freewheelin First Friday Presents:

  • Gary Burger of The Monks with The Spectors
  • The Conquerors
  • The Floorshakers

Friday, Jan. 6 at the 331 Club, NE Minneapolis. Starts at 10:00pm

Come join us for a special night and rare appearance with the legendary and influential Gary Burger and friends. What a lineup!!

The Monks were more than a garage band, more than pre-punk. All Music Guide said "the Monks were rock & roll's most savage visionaries".

It's a free show, but we encourage you to tip generously.