Adam Levy on KFAI Monday Morning February 27th

Honeydogs frontman, songwriter, producer and musician Adam Levy tacks KFAI DJ on to his portfolio on a very special edition of Pam Without Boundaries when he curates an hour of your Monday morning listening, 11am - noon. Pam is excited to welcome Adam to the studio not only to share music he digs, but also to talk about the tenth album from The Honeydogs, "What Comes After," to be celebrated with a release party March 10th at First Avenue. The Honeydogs will also do an in-store performance Thursday, March 1st, at the Electric Fetus, with vinyl and CDs on sale. Be sure to catch Pam Without Boundaries to hear what this very talented musician brings to the KFAI turntables, and to celebrate this new release from a long-time hardworking Twin Cities band.