"Question One" Looks at Gay Marriage Debate

Story by Lennie Chism

Minnesota voters will consider a constitutional amendment this Fall that, if passed, will define marriage as only being between “one man and one woman”. The intent is to prevent any court, judge or legislature from allowing gay marriage in the state.

North Carolina just passed a similar amendment this week, and in the ensuing discussion about North Carolina, President Barack Obama declared he is in favor of same sex marriage. In the 2008 election, Obama had opposed gay marriage and more recently described his position as “evolving”. This week’s shift in the president’s position assures that marriage rights will be a nationwide issue in the Fall campaign.

Joseph Fox is a filmmaker whose documentary "Question One", examines the marriage debate as it unfolded in the State of Maine a few years ago. Film crews were embedded with activists on BOTH sides of the issue. Fox says the result is a film that chronicles a fierce and emotional battle that led Maine to become the 31st state in this country to say no to same-sex marriage.

“Question One” was featured in last year’s Twin Cities Film Festival. The Festival is bringing the documentary back for a string of showings next week at the Mall of America Theaters.

Joseph Fox talked with KFAI’s Lennie Chism.

(note: Fox’s film “Question One” will be shown at the Mall of America Theaters at 7pm Monday May 14th - Saturday May 19th)
For more information, go to twin cities film fest dot org.

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