Ben Sandmel on Louisiana Rhythms and the Sugar Shop


Hi folks. Karl Smelker here. I am hosting the radio show this Friday the 17th. I will have a special guest in studio, Mr. Ben Sandmel. Ben is an author, folklorist, producer, drummer and general renaissance man for all things cool in Louisiana. Louisiana Rhythms listeners may know him from from the book Zydeco! which he wrote in conjunction with photography by Rick Olivier (
Listeners have also heard DJs using his words and descriptions because of the thousands of words he has written for liner notes on Louisiana music releases. I don't want to shatter any illusions but not all the info we impart is from first hand knowledge ;-) Ben's liner notes have made me sound much more informed than I have any right to sound.
We will play a bunch of Zydeco and Cajun music and you will hear Ben's take direct from Ben!
Ben has also just finished a book on Mr. Ernie K-Doe a classic New Orleans R&B singer. You may have heard his song "Mother-in-Law". Ben will stay for part of Lolly's Sugar Shop, the show that follows Louisiana Rhythms. They will regale you with tunes and stories of Mr. K-Doe. Be sure to stay tuned. Here is the web address for more info on the Ernie K-Doe book:
As always, tune in to KFAI from 2 -4 pm, and also for Lolly's show, 4 -6 pm at 90.3 and 106.7 FM. Or you can stream the shows from the KFAI archives for the next two weeks:
Thanks folks!
PS; May 17th is Norwegian independence day but we may not have room to get my beloved collection of Hardanger fiddle tunes. You might have to tune in the Fubar Omniverse, 10- noon, if you need a fix of Norwegian music;-)


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