Finnish Tango with a Twist on KFAI Monday Morning

"Finnish Tango is not well known outside of Finland," a statement reads on, the web site for fiddler Sara Pajunen's latest project, Tango Pohjan Tahden. On Pam Without Boundaries Monday, May 20th, at 11am, we'll explore Finnish Tango through the songs of this new group. Tango Pohjan Tahden--Tango North Star--will celebrate the release of a full-length CD at the American Swedish Institute. We'll hear selections from the album, talk about Finnish Tango and its Argentinian ancestor, as well as "nu tango" and what Sara's group brings to the evolution of this musical form. We will also hear a new song from Sara's other group, "Finnish-American Excavators" Kaivama. Kaivama will be busy in the coming weeks, too. Tune in at 11am to hear about both groups and what will keep Sara very busy over the next few weeks!

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