Andra Suchy Stops By KFAI Monday Morning

Singer-songwriter Andra Suchy will ring in 2014 with a show at Northeast Palace Tuesday night, but before she does she'll stop by KFAI at 10:30am Monday morning to talk about the year 2013 has been. Suchy is the daughter of folk musician Chuck Suchy and was raised with a heavy musical background on the family farm in North Dakota. She moved to Minneapolis in 1996 and has been on Womenfolk with her 2012 Red House Records release "Little Heart," on House Party as part of the fun Americana group The Dollys, and has been a frequent guest on "A Prairie Home Companion." Tune in to Pam Without Boundaries Monday, December 30th, for a preview of the New Year's Eve show and to find out what's in store for Andra Suchy in 2014. 

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