KFAI Launches New Website

I’m proud to announce the launch of KFAI’s redesigned website! I hope you’ll find the site to be aesthetic, user friendly and informative.

Our goal was to invite users to visit and return often to the site to learn about events, peruse the archives, listen live and become more engaged in station activities. We also wanted to encourage visitors to support the station by becoming a donor, a volunteer or an underwriter.

Thanks to the free development work of “Team Barsness” (Barsness Solutions), estimated at $25,000, during the “Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge” in April, the counsel of Cimarron Winter, the assistance of ipHouse, and the work of KFAI’s Website Development Team, KFAI now has a modern website!

I would like to thank the entire KFAI Website Development Team for their hard work and dedication to this important project: Andy Arsham, Mary Bensman, Jackson Buck, Ron Gerber, Pam Hill Kroyer, Jim Rudolf, Ted Singer, Miguel Vargas, and Dan Zimmermann.

We’ll be adding content to the site after the launch and fixing any bugs that are discovered. Please notify webteam@kfai.org, should you encounter any issues when using our new site.

Thanks for listening and being a supporter of KFAI!


Willie Dean, Ph.D.

Executive Director