Jazzed Up And Bonkers Show #37 with special guest MIRIAM LINNA!

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On this episode of Jazzed Up and Bonkers...Dan and Travis hassle Miriam Linna (Norton Records Kicks Books and the A-bones) and Sam Elwitt (Sea Monkeys, Nutley Brass) About the new album_ MIRIAM - Nobody's Baby on Norton Records , Hear about what it takes to make an authentic sounding Spector/Nitzsche  production with a rock -a- billy drummer  on vocals in the 21st Century!! 
Travis tries to name that toot and Dan plays ... a Johnny Cash song????!!! Plus learn everything you need to know about Frankie  in 60 seconds ! All this and more on Jazzed up and Bonkers at http://kfai.org/jazzed-up-bonkers/playlists/20140828