Black History Month 2015 Is Now Online


KFAI's fourth annual on-air celebration of Black History Month featured 24 hours of programming devoted to the African American experience. 
Thanks to all the community members, program hosts and musicians who volunteered their time to create this landmark radio event!  
We're deeply grateful to Northpoint Health and Wellness for their support of the project.  
All audio from the February 17th celebration is now available for streaming.   Just follow this link to listen!
12 midnight-1:00 am -- “Mentacide: The African American Male Paradox In A Post Racial Society” hosted by Timothy Warren
1-2:00 am -- “Black Women In Business” hosted by Kenya McKnight
2-5:00 am -- “Songs Of Praise: Gospel Quartets Of Twentieth Century” hosted by Rev. Al B. Ware
5-7:00 am -- ”Road To Chess Master” hosted by DJ (Donald) Hooker
7-8:00 am -- YO MAMA’s "In the Spirit of Our Mothers" hosted by Amoke Kubat
8-9:00 am -- Youth Perceptions of Black History Month In “Post Racial America” hosted by YouthCARE (Daniel Plunkett & Ariel Gittens)
9-10:00 am -- “Conversations With Al McFarlane” hosted by Al McFarlane
10-12:00 noon -- “The 2015 Black American Renaissance” hosted by Ernest Comer III
12 noon-2:00 pm -- “Swaying With Caribbean and African American Flavor” hosted by Duncan Lacminsingh
2-4:00 pm -- “Gospel Mocha” hosted by Patricia Nelson and Kim Hines
4-6:00 pm -- “Not Your Mama’s Basement Party” hosted by Akhmiri Sekhr-Ra
6-9:00 pm -- “KFAI’s Fourth Annual Live Sound Stage At T’s Place” featuring Twin Cities’ African American artists (Sponsored by NorthPoint Health & Wellness Center, Minneapolis)
9-11 pm -- “Black Lives: Past, Present & Afrofuture” hosted by Toki Wright
11 pm-12:00 midnight -- “The Black Shades of BROWN” hosted by Aaron Allen
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