KFAI Transmitting Power: Down (But Not Out) Through Monday, April 27

Do not be alarmed if KFAI’s broadcast signal seems a bit weaker than normal today.
Components of our transmitting equipment have been sent out for a long-due reconditioning. This means KFAI has been broadcasting under reduced power from early Friday evening through late Monday evening. “Reduced power” means a smaller, more sharply defined coverage area. Translation: What you hear will sound just as strong, but the station's signal will likely die out sooner than you expect it to.
To make the necessary changeover the station will be off the air altogether -- only for a few minutes -- late Monday evening. KFAI expects to return to full broadcast power during the Monday-Tuesday overnight.
Be assured that even during this period of reduced power, KFAI's programming will continue to be heard full-strength through live streaming and archived broadcasts at KFAI.org.