Spin With Cyn Honors Sound Engineer Monty Lee Wilkes

KFAI Spin With Cyn Monday 10-midnight, celebrated Monty Lee Wilkes and his extraordinary life and contributions as one of the world's best FOH sound engineers, and an all around great guy - brilliant, funny and well loved by so many. Guests shared favorite, funny stories, and talked about his contributions to the landscape of live sound. They enjoyed some of Monty's favorite music by artists he worked with, and favorites in general.   A few artists Monty's done sound for include The Replacements, Curtiss A, the Suburbs, Soul Asylum, Prince, the Smithereens, Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Redd Kross, Britney Spears,The Go Gos and many, many more. This show celebrating the life of Monty can be heard in the KFAI archive.  


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