KFAI Returns to Air at Reduced Power

On Tuesday, December 27th, engineers fashioned a temporary fix for KFAI's broadcast equipment on top of the IDS Center, making it possible for the station to return to the air at reduced power.

Since Christmas, KFAI's Twin Cities frequencies have been silent due to ice-related technical problems at the transmitter, and we received discouraging news today that a closer inspection revealed ice buildup had snapped our antenna, destroying key hardware that supports KFAI’s primary broadcast signal. 

But in a remarkable turnaround on Tuesday afternoon, engineers were able to get their hands on a spare used antenna and tower riggers quickly installed it, allowing the station to resume broadcasting.  More work will be necessary in the coming weeks to get KFAI back to full power,  including the costly purchase of a new antenna.  But for now, we are back! 

Thanks to the resourceful engineers and tower climbers who did the work, KFAI General Manager Leah Honsky, who coordinated the project, and KFAI's volunteer hosts, who continued to produce their shows for online audiences even though the transmitter had fallen silent.

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