KFAI Reviews Schedule - Suggestions Wanted!

KFAI's Content Advisory Committee will conduct an assessment of the station's complete schedule in 2017.  With almost 100 programs to consider, there is a lot to take in as we weigh possible variations for the station's 24/7 program grid.   You are invited to be part of the process!  

Follow this link to join a survey designed to gather ideas from the KFAI Community about the what you like to hear, what you want to hear, and where programs should appear in our schedule. 

The goal of this exercise is to imagine the best possible broadcast schedule for KFAI to pursue these goals:


The survey gives you an opportunity to answer a few brief questions and be done with it quickly.  But you can also take more time and build an entire KFAI schedule of your own design.  Your proposed schedule can encompass the entire week or just a particular day or day part.  Fill out as much or as little of the schedule as you wish.  

The Content Committee will consider all suggestions as it follows this timetable:

February 14, 2017 - Content Advisory Meeting - 6pm @ KFAI - Schedule Discussion
March 14, 2017 - Content Advisory Meeting - 6pm @ KFAI - Schedule Discussion
March 16, 2017 - Schedule Survey Closes
April 11, 2017 - Content Advisory Meeting - 6pm @ KFAI - Staff Schedule Proposal
May 9, 2017 - Content Advisory Meeting - 6pm @ KFAI - Schedule Discussion
June 13, 2017 - Content Advisory Meeting - 6pm @ KFAI - Schedule Discussion / Decision
July 11, 2017 - Content Advisory Meeting - 6pm @ KFAI
August 1, 2017 - New Schedule Begins

Feel free to submit as many proposed schedules as you wish, but be aware that no anonymous submissions will be allowed.  You will be required to include a bit of text that explains at least some of the reasoning behind the schedule you have drawn.

Thanks for listening to KFAI, and for taking some time to tell us how you feel!