Transatlantic Mixtape Highlights Manchester

Usually the point of listening to KFAI's The Transatlantic Mixtape of Your Mind is to unravel a secret held closely by the program's Liverpool-based host, Colin Robinson.

But on a recent episode of this highly praised web-exclusive program, Colin created a musical love letter to a neighboring city that has been much in the news of late - Manchester.   The result was so moving and so very splendid, we decided to broaddcast it on Sunday, June 4, at 10:30pm.  And we weill continue to offer The Transatlantic Mixtape of Your Mind as an on-air summer special through the end of July. 

Listen to this marvelous episode if you want to understand Manchester's contribution to world music.  And stay tuned at 10:30pm on Sundays through July 30 for more from Colin Robinson and The Transatlantic Mixtape ofd Your Mind.   While KFAI remains focused on very local events and influences, Colin reminds us that we are also part of a community that is truly worldwide.