Shirley Sneve on FIRST PERSON RADIO 11/15/17

Join Laura Waterman Wittstock  on Wednesday, November 15 at 1 pm as she talks with Shirley Sneve and Rebekka Herrera: Executive Director and Assistant Director of Vision Maker Media.The organization and four other independent media makers are funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to represent minority voices in public radio and television.
Vision Maker Media celebrated 40 years in 2016  by partnering with the American Archive of Public Broadcasting and the Library of Congress to stream 40 films in 40 weeks through August 2017. They invested $900,000 in 38 projects in all stages of production. They also presented:

• Seven new documentaries to PBS stations; • Three new media projects;
• Curated and produced two film festivals. 

A total of 38 filmmakers participated in workshops or technical assistance. They produced six Viewer Discussion Guides and provided content for PBS Learning Media. 

The biennial Vision Maker Film Festival brought 22 films and a dozen filmmakers to Lincoln, Nebraska. The premiere of Medicine Woman, a film by Christine Lesiak and Princella Parker-Red Corn (Omaha), opened the festival. 

Vision Maker Media welcomes its new Assistant Director and we will talk about her work as well as new projects underway.
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