11/20/17 Living Esctacy - Satyen Raja on Health Notes

 “Living Ecstasy”  Make Ecstasy your Every day, every moment experience! 
To harness and open the often unexplored realms of Spiritual Sexual Energy
To release bountiful creativity and passion beyond description
To consistently create Deep Love and Connectedness
To bloom open to the conscious feeling recognition of the Divine in even difficult circumstances
To expand your understanding and ability to live in 3rd stage relationships in everyday life
Men… to go deeper with your 3rd stage practices and live more consistently on your Purpose with deeper and more pure Integrity
Women… to let the juicy goddess radiate and have the Divine Passion Live through your every action
Couples…  “to unknot the tensions that limit your spontaneous loving… and to open ecstatically to be lived as the passionate mystery of love’s two-bodied divine play.”
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