May 21st - Cedric Red Feather - Mandan Dreams - Mandan Turtle Pipe Priest on Health Notes

Cedric Red Feather is a Turtle Priest for the Mandan Nation and written the only official book that documents their history & ceremonies.

Cedric Red Feather is of Mandan descent and tribally enrolled at the Ft. Berthold Reserve in North Dakota.  He is a Nueta Waxikena, a Mandan Turtle Priest.  This means that, by birth order, it is his responsibility to transmit the stories, songs and prophecies to the next generation of Waxikenas.  A Purple Heart Combat Wounded Vietnam Veteran, he has been awarded six other medals for active duty.  Cedric is an Okipa Maker and member of the Blackmouth Soldier Society and Red Feather Society.

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