We Love Black People Radio: Our Music Matters! - A New Web Exclusive Show on KFAI.ORG

A new web exclusive program on KFAI.ORG is We Love Black People Radio: Our Music Matters,  produced by Akhmkiri Sekhr-Ra and Minkara Tezet.

In their application, Akhmiri and Minkara said:  "The show is a course of music that elevates the philosophy of Black thinking through the expression of music, from rhythm and blues to hip hop.  The show hosts attempt through light conversation with each other to discuss the philosophy of music and how it impacts the way we each relate to the messages embedded in the sounds we listen to.   The intention is to create a listening space where the listener is able to see how the beauty of music is an attempt to lift the listeners consciousness and interactions with the sounds they fill themselves with as they engage with the tunes expressed through the hosts of We Love Black People Radio."
Hear the first episode here - a tribute to Aretha Franklin