"New Strings" and Doctors Without Borders

The Naye Strunes Klemer Quartet performs Yiddish string music to tell the stories of gentiles who rescued Jewish people during the Holocaust. Led by Judith Eisner, the ensemble has just finished a recording about "The Garden of the Righteous," which is also the name of their multi-media presentation they take to groups around the Twin Cities. All proceeds go to the humanitarian organizion Doctors Without Borders. You can contact Judith to invite the ensemble to share the story with your group or space.

Judith Eisner recently stopped by KFAI's "Poetry, Science and Wrestling", where she talked with Paul Brohaugh about an event in Minneapolis September 9th through 16th, 2018.

"Forced From Home" is a traveling, interactive exhibit from Doctors Without Borders - it recreates a displaced persons' camp, and tells some of the story of some of the 68.5 million displaced people around our world. You can visit the free exhibit in Minneapolis through Sunday the 16th outside the US Bank Stadium in the "Commons" at 430 Portland Ave. S. (Entrance is on South 5th Street.)

Naye Strunes is Judith Eisner, Beth Albertson, Gretta Hunstiger, Diane Benjamin and Stu Janis.

Click here to hear Paul's interview with Judith Eisner!

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