We did it: KFAI's Fall Membership Drive cracked the magic $60,000 barrier in the final minutes of Thursday's 'Freewheelin'

KFAI's Fall Membership Drive concluded in exciting fashion Thursday as a surprise $2,000 matching pledge early in "Freewheelin'" ushered in a flurry of 19 calls and a half dozen online contributions. Counting $300 contributed during "Poetry, Science and Wrestling," nearly $4,000 was raised in the last four hours of KFAI's "right-sized" 14-day Fall Drive, bringing the total on the Pledge Room whiteboard to a magic $60,801.

Hearty congratulations are due to everyone who had a hand in this significant accomplishment -- all the on-and off-air volunteers who worked to make it happen, and especially the generous listener-members who showed their support for KFAI Fresh Air Radio when we needed them most. 

The matching gift by a longtime KFAI contributor seemed to light a fire under listeners, with calls and online contributions keeping Spider J Hamilton and Mason Butler in Pledge Central hopping throughout the late afternoon. While 6 p.m. Thursday formally marked the end of the on-air portion of our Fall fundraising effort, online pledges and mailed responses to a pre-drive solicitation can be expected to continue to come in, meaning that that $60,000 figure will certainly increase before we close the books in a couple of weeks and stamp this fundraising effort "DONE."

Whew -- it's been quite the two weeks here at KFAI. No phone numbers or website addresses in this post (for a change). Just a KFAI-community-sized "THANK YOU" to everyone who had a hand in making the last membership drive in our 40th Anniversary Year a successful one.

Here's to our friends, fans, listeners, volunteers and supporters -- and KFAI Fresh Air Community Radio!

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